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Jeans Airbrush

Features and Advantages:
1. With an airbrush holder on each side. It can be extended to 2 more on each side;
2. High powered motor, with a tested long stable life.
3. Adjustable 5 speeds, so you can use it freely for different requirements.
4. Minimum noise for a better working environment.
5. Easy to use for the non-professional.
Product Details

Electric Airbrush Artwork



Air compressor Current

Less than 1000MA

Air Pressure

max 25PSI, 5 adjustable speeds



Output per min

9~ 15L/min

Hose Length


Jeans Airbrush

Feed Type



Single Action

Nozzle Dia.

0.2mm/0.3mm/0.4mm/0.5mm optional

Length of the air brush


Cup capacity


Using Areas:

[Mini Compact Air Compressor] A patented ergonomic air compressor with a single-acting spray gun and mini screwdriver for installing and removing the connector from the spray gun. Even without an air hose, the integrated structure can be used directly. It will play a better role in spray control and makeup effect, help produce fine atomizing effect, and bring you perfect experience.

[Single Action Portable Multi-Purpose Spray Gun Set] The one-hand spray gun and air pump can be placed in a backpack or pocket, lightweight and easy to carry. The portable wireless spray gun can be used for artistic painting, temporary tattoos, cake decorating, makeup, nail art, crafts, model coloring, hobbies, but it can not spray thick liquid, paste and paint. Just be sure to clean thoroughly after each use to avoid clogging the nozzle or spraying unevenly.

[New optimized circuit and ergonomic air pump] The portable air pump has been repeatedly tested, which not only optimizes the production line, but also shortens the life of the air pump. The handheld air pump is designed in an arc shape, which is ergonomic and can improve hand comfort. It is easy to operate and use. Once the spray material is ready, you can easily work by pressing the switch button.

After-sale Service:

Airbrush installation step instructions, airbrush using and market videos support.

Products with one year warranty. Fast respond for after-sale inquiry.

Airbrush DIY painting is widely used on cloth, shoes, hats, bags, bicycles, motorcycle jeans airbrush etc. In 2019, we launched water color pen set BDA60100 which spray water color pens and you can change colors very conveniently, avoid complex airbrush cleaning!




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