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What Is A Spray Pen?

Feb 02, 2020

The pen is a sophisticated instrument that produces very detailed lines and soft gradients. At that time, the purpose of the pen was to help photographers and painters to modify the picture. But soon the potential function of the pen is recognized by people, has been widely used and developed. The artistic expression of the spray pen, the perfect, the depiction of the image is perfect, unique, the light and dark level sprigs delicate natural, the color is soft. With the rapid development of science and technology, the pigmentused in the pen is becoming more and more diversified and specialized. 

The scope of the spray pen application is becoming more and more extensive. Has been involved in all areas related to beautifying people's lives, works appear in the Art Hall, advertising posters, commercial illustrations, cover design, advertising photography, calendar, painting, architectural painting, comprehensive painting, makeup, temporary tattoos and so on. As a compulsory course in higher art colleges, the technique of spray pen has become a powerful performance technique in art modeling.

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