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What Are The Characteristics Of Atomizing Spray Nozzles?

Feb 22, 2020

The characteristics of the atomizing spray nozzle, which is one of the components of the combustion equipment. The combustion of liquid fuel generally uses nozzles, the design of the nozzle is very large on the combustion of liquid fuel. The function of the nozzle is to atomize the liquid fuel and form a liquid mist with a very small diameter to increase the contact area between the liquid fuel and the surrounding medium, so that the fine atomized nozzle can be widely used in a variety of fields for the purpose of rapid evaporation, mixing and combustion.

1, no need to use compressed air, the use of hydraulic can form a very fine atomization spray.

2, very fine particles, the formation of fog spray effect.

3, wall installation type, can be installed in the outer wall, containers and pipes.

4, a variety of nozzles can be removed, easy to clean and install.

5, most nozzles built-in filter.

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