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Several Issues To Be Noted In Spraying

Feb 20, 2020

The distance between the nozzle outlet and the coated object is called the gun distance. The smaller the gun distance, the greater the spray pressure, the greater the impact of the product by air pressure, the coating will appear uneven situation, resulting in the problem of excessive thickness. The larger the gun distance, the smaller the spray pressure, the easily lost paint, so that the paint part of the spray is too little, the application can not reach the specified thickness.

The spray fan is perpendicular to the coated face. When manually manipulating the spray gun, the spray width cannot be too large, otherwise there will be a problem with the average coating. The purpose of the spray gun operation should always be parallel to the coating surface, vertical with the spray fan, the operating rate is not stable, the coating thickness is not average, the operating rate is too fast coating is too thin, the running rate is too slow coating too thick. In short, in the use of spraying equipment, to do moderate strength, distance can be appropriate, so as to get the desired coating effect.