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Our Airbrush Used In Tattoo Factory

Aug 18, 2020

Our Airbrush Used To Making An Airbrush Tattoo

An airbrush tattoo is the hot date everyone wants, no one thinks they can get, and will flake out on you after a week.

Airbrush and temporary tattoos are like one night stands or week-long affairs. A real tattoo is like getting married-without the option for divorce.

People can get inked up for good or they can have their flirtatious flavor of the week. It’s their choice.

If you want to get permanently hitched to your design, or do the hitching, go get educated about getting a tattoo, and maybe even looking into some different ideas about tattoo designs. I have commitment issues, so I’m not really the guy to ask.

If you don’t want to settle down just yet, remember, an airbrushed tattoo is a fashion accessory. They can be fun. They can be sexy. They can be full of meaning, or just plain zany. Your imagination defines the limits.

If you’re interested in getting painted, you’ll need to find an artist in your area or learn to do it yourself.

You just need this set of airbrush kit, and you can get an airbrush tattoo!