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New Airbrush Compressor For Oxygen Injection

Jul 10, 2020

This is our new airbrush compessor.  

The funtion as follows:  

*Painless, non-marking and non-invasive

 Negative oxygen is naturally absorbed by the skin, without needle atomization, without risk and without postoperative repair.

*Deep hydration

 Nano-scale atomization technology makes the water molecules smaller and deeper into the base layer.

*Skin Rejuvenation

 It can quickly hydrate and moisturize the skin, make the skin hydrated and full, and be easy to makeup.

*Firming wrinkle

 Close to the skin can inject oxygen and nutrients deep into the skin, so as to achieve the effect of wrinkle and tighten the skin

*Suppress acne growth

The cuticle is softened, pores are sparse, and dirt deep in the skin is easier to remove.

 *Does not pick skin type, suitable for whole family

 Non-invasive beauty skin rejuvenation, protecting the epidermis, suitable for all skin types.