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National Performance Standards For Humidifiers

Feb 10, 2020

One is the amount of humidification. This is the most important parameters of humidifiers, some enterprises in order to meet the consumer's pursuit of large humidification psychology, arbitrary standard large humidification, so the standard strict lying should not be lower than the product rated humidification nominal value.

Second, humidification efficiency. The ratio of the actual humidifier and the input power reflects how much humidification can be generated per unit of power consumption, and is an important index to measure the performance of humidifiers. In order to guide consumers to buy energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, promote enterprises to develop more efficient products, the standard is divided into A, B, C, D four levels.

The third is noise. Considering that humidifiers may be used in bedrooms, if the noise is too loud will have an impact on consumers, the standard has strict restrictions on noise indicators.