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How To Airbrush - Basic And Advanced Tutorials

Sep 14, 2020

Apart from equipment guides and tutorials, here are some of the interesting articles  you need to know before starting your airbrushing journey.


Airbrush Basics

Let’s explore the basic underlying concepts of spraying with an airbrush. Once you know what’s happening and why, you’ll be able to bend or even break the normal rules to create stunning effects and techniques.. Read more about Airbrush Basics

What do you want to do?

This is the most basic question.  What exactly are you going to spray?  Why do you want to spray?  Is this a hobby ( like cake decoration) or a job (like professional spray tanning) ?

Read more about choosing what to do

Where Are You Going To Do It?

Location, location, location--oh wait, that's real estate. Some people want mobile operations, or semi mobile booths, or they have a dedicated place to spray and work.
Read more about setting up your own work-space

How can you do all of this safely?

Safety and painters haven’t always gotten along. Many people think the safety precautions are for ‘wussies’ or people who don’t know what they’re doing. Safety is for people who really do know what they're doing, and who know what happens if they don't heed the warnings.


What kind of accessories do you need?

Accessories are things that solve particular problems. Does your airbrush spit water when you've only pressed down for air? Maybe you need a moisture trap.

Where can you go for more training?

Excellent question. None of us know all the answers. In fact, I know I don’t know all the answers. That’s why there are instructors and classes all over the country.