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Cause Of Nozzle Failure

Feb 19, 2020

1, Temperature: the nozzle for a long time at high temperature or abnormal temperature, will cause the nozzle due to soft material damage.

2, Blocking: Chemical materials and impurities in the nozzle inside or outside the edge of the accumulation will cause the nozzle to block. This affects the spray shape of the nozzle, which affects the spray pressure.

3, Erosion: When the high flow rate of liquid through the nozzle hole metal surface, it will be the nozzle hole erosion, resulting in the nozzle pressure reduced, spray state becomeirregular. The probability of nozzle erosion depends on the hardness of the liquid, the spray pressure, the type of chemical material used and the amount of the chemical material used.

4, Accidental damage. Incorrect use and failure to carry out timely maintenance are the main causes of accidental nozzle damage.