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What are the functions of industrial humidifiers?

Feb 23, 2020

Industrial humidifier has the main function of humidification, de-static electricity, dust reduction and cooling, and is an important tool for major enterprises to adjust the workshop environment. Industrial humidifierafter after several generations of replacement development has gradually on the pace of social demand. For the understanding of industrial humidifier, many people also stay in the initial simple products, in fact, its more functions are not well known, now we introduce some of the functions of industrial humidifier introduction:

1, the use of PLC control: with the popularity of the hand several, our humidifier can be equipped with PLC human-machine interface remote control, to achieve the hand of several ends of the APP remote control, can also be connected with computer-side data, there is real-time temperature and humidity data directly transmitted to the customer's required platform, so that customers more convenient management.

2, humidity automatic control, accuracy of up to 2%, today many sophisticated places will require higher humidity accuracy, and our humidifier sedator can meet the high-precision needs.

3, pure water, soft water system: industrial humidifier with pure water system, nozzle basically no clogging phenomenon, so that customers can reduce late maintenance.