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What an aroma diffuser can do?

Jul 22, 2020

What an aroma diffuser can do?

It can boost your mood-although there are many misunderstandings about essential oils and mental health, one scientifically proven benefit is that they can help you feel happy. In fact, a study conducted at Ohio State University showed that lemon oil can enhance the mood of study participants. So next time you feel a little depressed, go ahead and give off some lemon scent.

It helps create a relaxing atmosphere-just like essential oils can make you feel good, they can also help you sink into a state of deep relaxation and even improve sleep. Lavender, rose, bergamot, orange, chamomile and frankincense oil have long been used for calming effects. If you want to relax completely, try our orange and bergamot essential oil blend.

It can double as a humidifier—many aromatherapy therapists prefer ultrasonic diffusion (one of the reasons why electricity is used to drive fine vibrations, which stirs water and promotes oil dispersion) because they help to introduce huge amounts of moisture into the air, making They are amazing. Please use them in a dry air-conditioned room, or when you feel cold in winter.

It makes the room emit a huge smell without flames-don't get me wrong-we are addicted to candles (this is our business). But we realize that not everyone is comfortable with an open flame in the house, especially when there are pets and small animals around. But everyone likes things that smell great, so diffusers are a good choice. Ultrasonic diffusers have relatively low maintenance costs and are easy to clean, so other types of diffusers can also be eliminated.

It maintains the quality of the oil-unlike other types of diffusion, modern ultrasonic diffusers are unique in that they help maintain the original chemical structure of the oil. Other types of oil molecules heat (and sometimes even burn) the oil molecules, which destroy the structure and make it less fragrant.

Take you to other places-when you burn the holiday essential oil mixture, you will automatically be transported to grandma's house on Christmas Day with sugar cookies and so on. Break the mixture of beach hut oil and sink into vivid memories of childhood summer. The fragrance has the amazing power to shake your whole emotions, so it is very suitable for all homesick, nostalgic and nostalgic people.