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The Work Steps of Humidifier

Jul 29, 2020

1. The first step of the humidifier's work is to excite the transducer through the oscillating circuit, so that the oscillating plate itself generates ultrasonic frequency mechanical vibration. This step should be called the principle of piezoelectric effect.

In the principle of electrical engineering, the piezoelectric effect refers to: applying pressure to the surface of certain materials (such as quartz, potassium sodium tartrate and other crystals) will generate opposite charges on the two force surfaces, that is, a potential will appear between the two surfaces Poor; On the contrary, if these materials add an alternating electric field, they will vibrate. Ultrasonic transducer: Utilizing the piezoelectric effect of the transducer device, through the excitation effect of the oscillating circuit on the transducer, the oscillating plate produces ultrasonic frequency mechanical vibration.

2. The second step of the humidifier's work is to transmit the vibration of the oscillating plate to the water to atomize the liquid water. This step should be called cavitation.

The ultrasonic humidifier uses electronic over-frequency oscillation (the oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz, which exceeds the range of human hearing, and will not harm humans and animals). Through the high-frequency resonance of the oscillator, the water is thrown away from the water surface to produce a natural and elegant mist. No heating or chemicals are required to produce 1-10μm water particles floating in the air to achieve air humidification.

3. The third step of the humidifier is to blow the water mist into the air through the air outlet.

In addition, in the process of consulting the materials, two points were found that the humidifier is prone to misunderstandings and omissions, which are specially explained.

1. Not all humidifiers can produce negative ions. The humidifier that produces negative ions should be equipped with a negative ion generator in its components.

The negative ion generator uses pulse oscillation and converts low voltage to DC high voltage. It produces a high corona through the tip of a metal needle and emits a large number of electrons at a high speed. The electrons cannot exist in the air for a long time and are immediately completely covered by oxygen molecules in the air.  Capture and form negative ions. High concentration of negative ions can effectively kill harmful bacteria and viruses suspended in the air, and purify the air to reduce the occurrence of diseases .

2. Ignoring the cleaning of the humidifier will greatly increase the number of bacteria in the air, causing serious air pollution, which may cause harm to people.

During the use of the humidifier, the microorganisms growing in the water enter the air with the atomized water mist, and the degree of pollution in the air is related to the amount of spray of the humidifier, the spray time and the amount of bacteria in the water; the amount of atomization is large , The amount of polluted bacteria in the water is large, the atomization time is long, the amount of bacteria emitted is large, and the air pollution is serious. The test results prove that after the ultrasonic humidifier is atomized for 30 minutes, although the relative humidity in the air has increased, the number of bacteria in the air has also increased significantly. 

To effectively reduce the number of microorganisms in the water, the humidifier must be cleaned and disinfected regularly, including the water tank, to eliminate the environment where microorganisms can grow to the greatest extent. In addition, the humidifier water should be improved to prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria and eliminate the source of bacteria.