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The function of the aromatherapy machine

Jul 12, 2020

The function of aromatherapy machine:

1. Make the indoor air bai fresh: When welcoming du guests to visit, or mind the strange smell in the room zhi, the air will be refreshed by the fragrance emitted by the ultrasonic aromatherapy machine dao. 2. Concentration: When the office is meeting for a long time or studying meditation alone, let the faint aroma of the ultrasonic aromatherapy machine refresh your mind.

3. Relax before going to bed: When you end your busy day and want to relax your body and mind, you can feel relaxed and comfortable by the bursts of fragrance brought by the ultrasonic aromatherapy machine.

4. Self-care at home: When doing simple exercises such as yoga or stretching at home, the aroma of the ultrasonic aromatherapy machine can be used to feel the purified furniture space and soul together.