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Reasons why the humidifier is not fog-free

Feb 24, 2020

1. The fog outlet has wind and no fog out, which indicates that the fan of the humidifier is not a problem, the atomizer problem. The nebulizer failure has two more cases, one is a long time without the atomization piece cleaning, scale will be the atomization hole blocked, so the fog can not come out. At this time, it is necessary to clean the atomized tablets, as long as the use of white vinegar will be the scale on the atomized tablets cleaned off, can be used normally. However, can not be cleaned with strong acid, which will completely destroy the atomization tablets, is not conducive to the maintenance of the humidifier.

2. The atomization tablet is aging, this situation needs to replace the atomized film, according to the instructions to replace the atomization tablet. When replacing the atomized sheet, open the bottom cover, the vent below the opposite diameter of a "metal" piece of about 20-30 mm diameter out, this is the atomization piece, put in the new atomization sheet can be.