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Pros of airbrush makeup

Jul 13, 2020



 A silicone airbrush makeup is durable and sweat proof; great in humid conditions. If applied well and your skin suits the application, you can survive without touch ups. So you’ll never lose face!


The airbrushing technique application allows a minimal amount of makeup to be applied and buildable in areas that need more; like over blemishes etc. I find that it is a preferred medium for those who have pimples and pigmentation, as the coverage really adheres longer than traditional makeup. Nothing covers a pimple like airbrushing! The artist’s technique, however, needs to be on point for this type of flawless, minimal application.


Airbrush can be great for large bridal parties as it can be applied quickly by a skilled professional. It’s quick and incredibly sharp for applying a feline flick to several girls in a bridal party using a credit card or bus ticket for a stencil.