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New Airbrush Nozzle

Apr 14, 2020


The nozzle in picture is old nozzle, for new nozzle, we have combined the spare part 1/2/3/4 into complete part, compared with old nozzle, the new nozzle with bellowing advantages:

  1. When you want to clean, no need special tool to disassemble the nozzle, just disassemble by hand and clean, it's very easy.

  2. When you assemble nozzle and needle, the needle will always keep in the center of nozzle, this is very big progress compared with old nozzle, which greatly extended the using life of airbrush gun.

  3. As it's very easy to clean no need special tool, which reduced the possibility of airbrush clogging.

If you want to know more, please contact us for actual picture and sample testing!