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Maintenance of humidifiers

Feb 22, 2020

1. Ultrasonic humidifier spews with pure water, because many areas of water quality is more hard that is high calcium magnesium ion content, plus water plant treatment of water when using bleach powder and other water purifiers, such as some water purifiers, very disadvantageous, part of the calcium magnesium ions with the water mist sprayed, dispersed on the surface and ground, dry ingenuity formed" White powder"-like scale, another part of precipitation in the exchange tablet and sink surface, the formation of solid scale, which is not pure water quality caused, and the surface of the change of energy plate fouling, will affect the humidification effect, or even not timely cleaning will lead to the replacement of the load, burn-out energy plate and electronic original.

2. Regular replacement of the water tank in the water, because the water storage time is too long, the water quality will change, so when not used for a long time, the water tank and the water tank do not put water.

3. Do not add inferior additives (e.g. perfume) to the water tank, which can easily cause cracks in the water tank and base, affecting the normal operation of the machine.

4. When the humidifier collection, please clean the water, dry, if placed ventilation air dry and loaded into the box.