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How to Decorate Cake with Airbrush

Aug 19, 2020

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional baker, the right airbrush can take your cake decorating skills to the next level.

Before you choose an airbrush, however, consider the following factors:

Single Action and Double Action


Most airbrushes designed for cake decorating are single-action; this means that one user action controls the color distribution and the airflow.

When the user depresses the airbrush gun’s trigger, a stream of air and color is released. With many models, the intensity of the color is determined by how hard the user depresses the trigger, while the airflow always stays the same.

With double-action airbrush guns, users perform two separate operations to control the two variables. So you have to simultaneously pull and press the trigger to achieve your desired air pressure and color intensity. While this can give bakers greater control over their decorating, it can also be difficult to manage. Nonetheless, some bakers prefer the precision offered by double-action guns.

Feed Methods

Every airbrush system is equipped with a feed system, which controls how the color enters and exits the airbrush gun.

Cake decorating airbrushes often use gravity-feed mechanisms; they rely on gravity to feed the color into the gun, which minimizes the need for air pressure. Because the airbrush system doesn’t have to waste air pressure on funneling the color from entry to exit, they give bakers the control they need to achieve detailed results.

Other airbrushes use siphon-feed mechanisms. The container of color is placed on the underside of the gun, and the system uses suction to draw the color into the gun and out of the nozzle. Siphon-feed air guns have one distinct benefit; they can hold greater quantities of color. This makes them useful for professional bakers working on large-scale baking projects.

How To Clean Your Cake Airbrush machine

After every use, clean your airbrush thoroughly with clean water. Pour water into the cup and run airbrush until all color is gone. You can also try Vodka instead of water.

Can you airbrush buttercream?

Off course, you can.! When airbrushing buttercream, don’t get too close to it as it might blow a hole in it. You need to practice a little bit so you know the right distance.


Can I Use a Regular Airbrush for Cake Decorating?

If the airbrush has never been used before, then YES you can use it for airbrushing. Just make sure that airbrush compressor can hold pressure enough for your cake decorating needs.