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how to clean the airbrush kit

Jul 11, 2020

The cleaning liquid of the cleaning spray gun uses thinner or special cleaning agent. We usually use banana water, which is the same in function. However, banana water still corrodes the gasket of the airbrush, so if you disassemble the airbrush completely For cleaning, it is better to use thinner to clean the more protective airbrush. Considering that the special thinner is quite expensive, so we also try to use thinner sparingly when cleaning.  

1. At the beginning, wipe the residual paint in the cup with a clean paper towel. Some dried paint can be dipped in thinner and then wiped. Do not pour thinner to clean it at the beginning, it will waste a lot of thinner. But the effect is actually the same as using a tissue.

2. For the residual paint that cannot be wiped by the paper towel at the bottom of the paint cup, you can pour some thinner, block the nozzle with a clean paper towel, let the air return, stir the liquid in the paint cup, and let the paint in the cup fully dissolve. Just pour out the solvent.

3. The residual paint on the bottom can be wiped clean with a cotton swab and thinner. 

Finally, pour in some thinner and spray a few times on a clean paper towel to confirm that it is clean.

  After using the spray gun several times, the entire spray gun must be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Because the partial cleaning in the previous step does not guarantee the complete removal of the paint, the long-term simple cleaning can not guarantee the usability of the spray gun.