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How to blend essential oils in aroma diffuser?

Jul 22, 2020

Well, it's a bit like an art that requires a lot of trial and error. But this is definitely a method you want to learn how to master, especially when you want to create a completely customized scent to play to your liking. Maybe you want a cinnamon, coffee, and clove essential oil blend to heat your body in the morning, or you want to design your own essential oil blend to smell clean when doing housework on Saturday morning.

First, invest in a series of pure essential oils that you can mix to create a unique aroma (sometimes called synergy or blend). Choose scents that complement each other in terms of odor quality and the resulting sensation. For example, if you want something soothing, don’t combine chamomile chamomile with lemon refreshing. You can find many ready-made essential oil formulas online.

Each harmony should have a strong pre-neutral tone to create a harmonious and comprehensive balance.

The top note is the first thing you smell, but it is usually the lightest of the three and the fastest to disappear. Common top notes include lemon, bergamot and other citrus as well as herbs such as sage and lavender.

The middle tone or "heart tone" is the second thing you will smell. These notes are usually marked with a rounder, softer smell. Some common middle notes include floral notes such as rose and lavender, and spices such as black pepper.

The base note is the final scent in the mixed aroma. The base and middle notes are blended to create a synergistic main aroma. Some common base notes include earthy scents such as cedar, musk, amber and patch scents.

Since they are not intended to be used directly on the skin, these oil blends do not require the addition of carrier oil. You can drop them directly into the oil well of the disperser or pre-mix them. If you don’t particularly want to make your own seasoning from scratch, don’t worry. There are many pre-mixed essential oil options that can work perfectly in your aromatherapy diffuser.