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Electric heating characteristics of humidifiers

Feb 20, 2020

1. The performance is stable and reliable, with higher humidification control accuracy.

2. The electric heating tube is designed with low power density, special scale treatment method, and long service life.

3. Water surface decontamination (foam) removes mineral impurities floating on the surface of the water and removes surface dirt to the maximum extent. The water tank is equipped with a special solenoid valve that controls drainage at regular intervals and completely removes deposited minerals and impurities.

4. Maintenance work is minimal, the use of the latest scientific and technological achievements to solve the problem of scaling, repeated heat expansion, cold shrinking box and electric tube surface scale constantly fall off.

5. Safe circuit design, three-level circuit protection: short circuit, overheating, leakage protection function to protect the user's concern. Anti-drying design, when the electric heating element sexposed the surface of the water, anti-drying device start, cut off the power supply, protect the electric heating element stort.