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Blackhead Remover: Main Quality Problem and How We Improve

Jul 22, 2020

We did research from the buyer's comments on Amazon and summarized the main quality problems. After two months' development, we finally solved all the problems and helped one of our Germany client sold 200,000pcs last year.

Main Quality Problems in the market

A. The suction power is weak.


B. The suction force will be weaker and weaker when the battery is running out. And when the battery is fully recharged, the suction force is high again and then going down. 

C. The suction force of each level among mass production is different. Some of the products are qualified but the others are defectives. It's hard for clients to control the quality when inspection. The after sale problems also will occur a lot. 


D. Battery runs out soon. 


How we solve above problems:

1. We test the suction power one by one before final packing.--to solve problem A


2. There's voltage booster circuit inside--to solve problem B

The voltage booster circuit helps to keep the suction force no matter how much power left in the battery. So the suction force of 100% battery power and 50% battery power is the same. 


3. The software is steady and accurate.--to solve problem C

The software controls very well on the accuracy of each suction level. The suction force of each level are the same among each single piece which are picked out randomly in mass production. 


4. Good quality battery--to solve problem D

We use long-life battery. The blackhead remover can be used for 90-120 minutes after fully charged each time.

It's hard to control the stability and accuracy of products for factories. We also tried a lot on the R&D to reach our Germany client's request so we are quite confident on the quality now. Please feel free to contact us if you want to purchase blackhead remover.


Joanna Cheng

WhatsApp/Mobile/Wechat: +86-15757860027
Skype: aryabeauty
Email: sales@ningbobeauty.com

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