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Airbrush Spraying method

Jul 08, 2020
  1. Adding  paint color.    For specific dosage, a small amount can be sprayed on a piece of paper, and it can be simply converted according to the covered area

  2. Turn on the air pump.  Regarding the pressure of the air pump, if the proportion of the solvent is high, please do not use high pressure, holes are likely to appear.

 3. Hold the airbrush with one hand, place your finger on the operating handle, and gradually push away:

     Please start spraying from a long distance first.

     Generally, along the long side of the workpiece, sprayed in parallel, the path is zigzag.

     Slowly release the handle to finish spraying.

     After each spray, check:

1.  Whether the overall color has reached a satisfactory level.

2. Whether the paint surface has obvious color difference. If so, focus on the areas with obvious color differences in the next pass.

3. Are there pinholes and bubbles on the surface? If there is, stop working, and then polish after curing.

4. Wait patiently, don't spray a layer of paint on the flowing surface, it is likely to give up your previous efforts.

When spraying small and irregular objects, use tweezers, plastic wrap, etc. to prevent the surface from being contaminated by fingerprints and dust.