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Room Spray Personal Humidifier

We are a factory to produce spray personal humidifier.
We can supply OEM, OEM service to cooperate with you to get a win-win condition.
Product Details

Product Specifications:


Milk white

LED light color:

Soft 7 changeable color

Spray amount:



Dia.94.5mm x 176.3mm

Storage of water tank:



USB cable (need 5V 1A)


Sonic Aroma Diffuser


3-hour auto-stop (or customized)



Product Feature & Application

*The room spray personal humidifier can be used in many places, such as SPA, Salon, Yoga room, reading room, bedroom, living room and office room. It will mist out aroma if you drop some essential oil into the water.

*It can make 10-15 m2 room keep fresh not a dry place when the air-conditioning operate in winter or hot summer.

Product Details

*The ball appearance and milk white color of the glass cover will be much cute and attract

your friends when enter into your house. But kindly noted keep it away from the kids if you don’t want to hurt them or broke down such great humidifier.

*The LED light of this room spray home humidifier with 7 color changing type. Each light is adjustable between bright and dim according to your need. Soft color transparent from milk white glass cover will be really beautiful in dark night. It can also be a decoration place on the table or credenza in day time.

How to use the room spray home humidifier

Step 1: Take off the glass cover and water tank cover, pour some water into the tank marked MAX. Please don’t over the MAX line, or it won’t mist out.

Step 2: Drop 2-3 drops essential oil into water if you want. Please noted that water first, then essential oil.

Step 3: Put on the water tank cover in correct place.

Step 4: Put on the ball glass cover, please make the outlet of the water tank is below the glass cover outlet hole.

Then connect the room spray home humidifier with adapter / power by USB cable, please check if the USB cable is truly insert into the power hole of the product. Finally, press the on/off button, humidifier start working!

Certificates of spray home humidifier

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