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Humidification Oil Diffuser Humidifier

Humidifier is a appliance to humidify water and essential oil.
We can manufacture many different types of humidifier, can OEM, OEM service.
Product Details

Product Specifications:

Body color:


Material of cover:


Spray amount:



Dia.94.5mm x 176.3mm

Storage of water tank:



USB cable (need 5V 1A adapter)

Left button:

Control LED light


3-hour auto-stop (or customized)



Product Feature & Application

01*The appearance is like an artwork when put it on table.

*It works for 10-15 m2 room, and make it full with fresh wonderful smell.

Why use Humidification oil diffuser humidifier

*Purified air: the essential oil aromatherapy humidifier produces a large number of active oxygen anion, which reacts strongly with the harmful gas molecules in the air, and comprehensively eliminates the harm of formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, etc.

*Use safety: the cold mist produced by humidifier can 100% distribute and maintain the active ingredients of the essential oil, making the essential oil more easily absorbed by the human body completely, thus exerting the maximum effect; the original ecological aromatherapy effect can be felt within 3 seconds.

Note: please use good essential oil when drop it into the humidifier machine.

Product Details

*This diffuser with stylish ceramic cover matched any decor at your home or office wonderfully. If you add several drops of oils into it, it can spray out fragrance, making your life healthy and beautiful.

*7 soothing colors. You can cycle it through 7 colors, or set it to one fixed color, so you can get total 8 lighting modes to meet your different needs.


*Since the ceramic cover is much delicate, so we use the EPE to packing around the humidification oil diffuser humidifier to assure no risk of broken when delivering.

*If no customized gift box, we usually use general mail-box to packing goods.

*In packing, humidifier body x 1,USB cable x 1, manual x 1,adapter x 1 (usually none in packing, but if you need, we can add it accordingly).

Certificates of spray home humidifier

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