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Cheap Wood Aroma Humidifier

Cheap Wood Aroma Humidifier

This type of humidifier is very hot in the market, not only in the shop but also in the large supermarket. Humififier can be put in any place, it will make you comfortable and enjoyed. When you think the air is tto dry or want the air smelly, you should open the diffuser. What is the most import is that this type is very cheap! We can give you best price!
Product Details

Cheap Wood Pattern Aroma Humidifier

1. Mini dimention, potable to carry and decorate!

2. OEM LOGO on design acceptable.

3. Connect USB to your adapter to operate.

4. Water feed type: cotton swab.

5. Auto-stop function to keep you safe.

6. Short sample time and lead time! Samples are available!


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