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Cordless Cake Airbrush Tools

Features and Advantages:
【High-pressure Atomization & Greater Airflow】The pressure of this upgrated airbrush kit is up to 20psi. The integrated structure can be used directly even without an air hose. It will action better in spraying control and makeup effect, helps produce fine atomization and gives you a perfect experience.
【USB Charging & Rechargeable Charging Options】 Portable spray gun come with USB power cord and rechargeable power cord. You can charge it connecting to computers or a power bank. The portable air pump can be placed in your backpack or pocket, it's light weight and easy to carry around.
【Certificate】 With CE/EMC/FCC/ROHS certificate.
Product Details

How to use airbrush to decorate cakes:

A. Install the gun on the air pump. Choose 5cc, 20cc fluid cup as you need and install it.

B. Fill fluid in the cup after diluting appropriately. Adjust the spray volume control knob to make sure that the airbrush can spray and the fluid control trigger can backward.

C. At a distance of 2-3cm of the area to be sprayed, switch on the compressor, the airbrush will get air fluid at this time, meanwhile the the fluid is automatically ejected.

D Move the trigger backwards slightly to adjust the stream you need.

Specifications of airbrush compressor:

1. Compressor Size


2. Gross Weight


3.Cup capacity


4. Battery

Lithium Battery 7.4V 500mA

5. Charge Time

about 3 Hours

6. Discharging Time

about 30 Minutes(or customized longer)

7. Air Pressure

max 20PSI



Cordless cake airbrush is one technique you can spray edible colors on cakes, gum paste, sugar paste, fondant, piping, icing and isomalt, which makes a very special effect. It spray on the face  of foods rather than being mixed into the icing and being applied.

Cordless cake airbrush tools are perfect for beginners and experienced bakers and pastry chefs alike. With imagination and practice, even the novice baker can create amazing edible creations in no time!



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