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Cordless Airbrush Cookies

Features and Advantages:
1.Cordless airbrush compressor is very easy to use: install the Gun On The Air Pump and Fill Fluid in The Cup After Thinning Appropriately,Then Hold The Airbrush Lightly In Your Hand. By Pressing The Main Lever, A Stream Of Air Emerges.
2.Cordless airbrush compressor,without the using place limits, you can decorate your cookies,cakes anywhere and anytime as long as in full charging.
3.Max air pressure more than 20PSI, suitable to spray normal airbrush color.
4.Built-in 800mA battery, using time is longer and charging time is shorter.
5.With CE/EMC/FCC/ROHS/FDA certificate
Product Details


1. Compressor Size


2. Gross Weight

about 500g

3.Cup capacity

5ml and 20ml

4. Power Supply

Lithium Battery 7.4V 800mAh

5. Charge Time

about 2 Hours

6. Discharging Time

about 50 Minutes

7. Air Pressure

max 20PSI

Using Areas:

This Portable Wireless cordless airbrush Is Extremely Versatile and Can Be Used for Art Painting, Wall Painting, Porcelain Making, Car Spray Painting, Temporary Tattoos, Cake Decoration, Make-up, Skin Care, Nail Art, Handicrafts, Leather Care, Model Coloring,All of Your Various Hobbies.


Cordless cake airbrush is one technique you can use to take your baking to the next level. Airbrushes are ideal for adding designs, patterns, and special effects to cakes, gum paste, sugar paste, fondant, piping, icing and isomalt. Airbrushing helps you create astounding imaginative decoration details. The airbrushed color is applied to the icing that is already on the cake, rather than being mixed into the icing and being applied.

Airbrushing lets you work with precision. It is a neat application, unlike filling and using traditional icing tubes. Edible airbrush paints are available for purchase in bottles in a variety of colors, which alleviates mixing food coloring. Fill the airbrush cup with the desired edible paint color and begin to create!

Airbrushes and edible paints are perfect for beginners and experienced bakers and pastry chefs alike. They are easy to use to color, blend, or shade broad areas of icing and fondant, write a script, be used with stencils, or add accents and intricately detailed patterns and designs. With imagination and practice, even the novice baker can create amazing edible creations in no time!

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