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Cordless Airbrush Cake Decorating Tools

Features and Advantages:
The chrome-plated airbrush cake decorating tools is powered by a compact 18 PSI compressor unit and features cordless rchargeable, 3 hours charging using 35minutes continuously.
Turn on the compressor, pour your choice of color into the reservoir and pull the airbrush's trigger to apply designs to cakes.
Use the airbrush cake decorating tools to create colorful backgrounds or airbrush over stencils; also ideal for writing phrases and adding detailed designs
Product Details


Battery Capacity




Maximum power rating



Copper, Aviation aluminum



How to spray:

STEP 1: Install the airbrush gun on the air pump.

STEP 2: Fill fluid in the cup after thinning appropriately.

STEP 3: Press the black power switch of the airbrush.

STEP 4: Control the adjustment switch of airbrush atomization. Then draw it backward gradually for color atomization.

STEP 5: The spray pattern is in accordance with the distance between a work surface and an airbrush.

Package Includes:

1 X USB charging line

1 X Instruction Manual

1 X Airbrush

1X 20ML Capacity Cup

1X 5ML Capacity Cup


1. Compressor Size


2. Gross Weight


3.Cup capacity

2ml/7ml/20ml/40ml optional

4. Power Supply

Lithium Battery 7.4V 500mA

5. Charge Time

about 3 Hours

6. Discharging Time

about 30 Minutes(or customized longer)

7. Air Pressure

max 20PSI


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