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Wireless Rechargeable Blackhead Remover

Accessories: Main Body,3 tips, Munual, USB cable 5 levels intensity Purify pores: deeply remove blackheads Battery:Li-ion battery 900mAh Palladium motor: strong suction and long life
Product Details

Product Specifications:


AC220V-240V 50/60Hz


DC5V 1000mA, USB cable for charging 

Rated Power: 


Rated voltage:


Working power of each level: 

Level 1: 0.5w;

Level 2: 0.8w;

Level 3: 1.2w 

Level 4: 1.4w

Level 5: 2.6w 

Charging Time: 

4-5 hour

Using Time: 

90 minutes after fully charged 

Air Flow Amount of Motor  

2.4 LPM

Suction Power :


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Product Details:

When you use the Wireless Rechargeable Blackhead Remover, please notice: 

GUIDANCE: Be sure to keep your pores open completely and keep your face clean and moist before use. Adjust the level according to your need. Slowly move the blackhead remover back and forth around the face within 30 seconds. Use with cold water to contracting pore and then do follow-up maintenance after use. Use according to your skin type, once a week for the dry skin, twice for the oily skin, 5 minutes each time.


USAGE: The Vacuum Suction Cleanser uses gentle, deep cleansing suction to remove skin impurities, while integrating beauty firming, cleaning pores, removing acne and blackheads and other functions. It is a beauty instrument that removes blackhead, acne, grease, mite, keratin, wrinkles, exfoliates and massages on your face for a smooth finish.

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Do you have these troubles? 

1. Large Pores 

2. Blackhead 

3. Excessive Oil 

4. Increased acne 

The Blackhead Remover could help you. 




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