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White Himalayan Salt Diffuser

Himalayan Salt Ultrasonic Diffuser CE/RoHS approved Produced by ISO9001/BSCI audited factory
Product Details

Product Specifications:

Two-in-one solution: The salt lamp and the aroma diffuser are a product that combines an ultrasonic oil diffuser and a Himalayan salt lamp-you can use it at the same time or separately

Relaxing aromatherapy: Fill a 100 ml water tank and add your favorite essential oil to moisturize and deodorize the room.

Handmade Himalayan salt crystals: emit negative ions to neutralize potentially harmful positive ions emitted from electronic devices such as smart phones, TVs, and radios

Our factory was established in 2017 and mainly produce aroma diffuser, humidifier and personal care products, such as sonic toothbrush, facial cleansing brush, blackhead remover, makeup brush cleaner. We have ISO9001 and BSCI audits. 

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