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Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Drop shape, wood printed base 100ml water capacity CE/RoHS certificates
Product Details

1. Product Specifications:

Capacity: 100ml

Material: PP+ABS

Input: 5V 1A or 24V 0.5A

Power consumption: 5W/12W

Range of used: 25-35 ㎡


  USB Version 3.0MHZ

  24V: 1.7MHZ/2.4MHZ

Sound: <35db(A)

LED Light: 7 color

Timer: 1H/2H/3H


2. Detail Pictures:

3. Product Feature and Application

If you are no stranger to a healthy life, then you may already know how to improve your health, increase energy or sleep better with the help of aromatherapy essential oil diffusers. After adding different essential oils, the diffuser will bring more benefits, such as improving mood, resisting diseases, helping you breathe easier, reducing pain and repelling insects.

Three in one function

In addition to being used for aromatherapy, this essential oil diffuser can also be used as a small humidifier and night light. The ultrasonic aroma diffuser operates continuously for 4-6 hours under high haze and 5-9 hours under low haze mode (sleep mode).

Perfect gift

It is not only an essential oil diffuser but also a cool mist humidifier and beautiful night light, which can be used to decorate houses and brighten at night. Recommended for girlfriends or children who like 8-color night lights. For friends or parents who like cool and fragrant mist. No one will refuse!


1. Please do not add essential oils through the mist discharge port.

2. Clean the water tank every time you change the oil, because the essential oil mixture may release an unpleasant smell.

3. Please do not use any metal or hard objects to clean the oscillator.

4. It is an essential oil diffuser, but you can use it as a small oil-free humidifier.

4. Certificates

Our factory has BSCI and ISO9001. Our products have certificates like CE, RoHS and so on.


5. Advantages


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