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Pretty Modern Marble Diffuser

Aroma therapy can relieve your daily stress.
Modern fashion design diffuser
Good companion when you are study, work, Yoga or sleeping.
Be used to refresh skin, keep skin healthy and moist.
Product Details

Product Specifications:

Safety Design & Auto Shut Off

Auto stop after 3 hours or waters runs out

LED light color:

7 soothing LED lights

Spray amount:


Storage of water tank:



DC5V+USB cable




3hours auto-stop (or customized)



Product Details:



The essential oil diffuser is an electrical device that converts essential oils into diffuse mist, which is filled with fragrance.They have many benefits, from enhancing the atmosphere with a pleasant smell to helping improve mood and encouraging relaxation.

There are many ways to diffuse and mix oil, so learning the safe and correct method of diffusion will help you make the most of the oil.

Have you noticed that the prices of all essential oils are rising? This super soothing aromatherapy trend seems to be everywhere, and we work hard for it. If you have contributed to this rapidly growing interest, you may already be an aromatherapy professional. However, if you are a novice looking for excellent skills to master diffusion knowledge, then this guide will help you.

Interestingly, although we seem to see them suddenly, the diffusion of essential oils and oils is by no means a modern concept. In fact, they have been used for thousands of years in religious ceremonies and healing. Nowadays, essential oils with dreamy scents are usually used to promote stress release and sedation, but you have many reasons to consider incorporating them into your daily work.

Operate Steps:

The pretty modern oil diffuser is easy to operate, just add some of your favorite essential oil to the water, your room will be filled with pleasant smell.




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