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Himalayan Salt Rock Lamp Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

Salt Diffuser CE/RoHS approved Produced by ISO9001/BSCI audited factory
Product Details

Product Specifications:

This product combines the healing properties of a pure salt rock lamp with the soothing aromatherapy of an essential oil diffuser. Full of all the benefits you wish to get from this powerful combination, designed to help you improve your mood, increase energy levels and neutralize the positively charged ions emitted from electronic devices such as smartphones, TVs, radios, etc.

Just like our medium diffuser, the Himalayan salt ultrasonic diffuser has a water and essential oil capacity of 100ml, and Himalayan salt has more benefits. After warming, Himalayan salt releases energy ions, purifies the air and improves mood.

It is used to disperse refreshing water and essential oil mist to provide aromatherapy and natural fragrance, which can improve your mood.

It has two fog modes, can be used for up to 8 hours, automatic shutdown function and 100 ml capacity.

100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils or all natural deodorants from our all natural Airomé range.

The Himalayan salt heated in the base will neutralize the positive ions, so it emits a warm glow.

Elegant home decoration is the focus of each Airomé diffuser, and each decoration is to satisfy your personal taste.

Instructions for use-add 5 drops of essential oil per 100 ml of water, change the decorative cover, open the diffuser, and enjoy spa-like aromatherapy in your own home.

Customized service

We can make custom logo, package and whole product. We already made several mould according to our clients’ request. For ODM project, you can send us a product drawing first, we will quote and send you a rough proposal. After talking, you can provide us the 3D design and we will make 3D printed sample for you. 

Product Quality control. 

Our factory has ISO9001 aduit, and our products have many certifications like CE, RoHS, FDA, FCC. And we do 4-5 times of inspection during the production steps and before shipment.

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