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Essential Oil Diffuser For Large Space

Aroma therapy can relieve your daily stress.
3300ml water tank, spray for one day
Control knob, you can choose the mist mode you like
Be used to refresh skin, keep skin healthy and moist.
Product Details

Product Specifications:

360° effective humidification. A 360° rotating nozzle and adjustable mist settings provide an even level of humidity, create a soothing, comfortable environment and reduce the risk of diseases, germs and bacteria by maintaining relative humidity above 43%. Healthy humidified air helps you fight cough, allergies, dry skin, wrinkles, insomnia, and nosebleeds.

The Cool Mist humidifier can provide extra comfort for cold symptoms, dry and itchy skin and chapped lips. The whisper-quiet humidifier does not interfere with sleep and runs with low power consumption, providing at least 10 hours of moisture from a removable 3L water tank. When the water tank is empty, it has an automatic shutdown safety function.


The essential oil diffuser has a large capacity, 3300ml, it can continuously work for one day, it is more suitable for large space. Sometimes in a open and large room, there will be some unpleasant smells, such as smoking, sweat, dirty socks smell and so on, with this big oil diffuser, it won’t trouble you again.

Although it is big, the price is not high, it is very economic, do not hesitate to choose it for your large room!

Operate Steps:


The essential oil diffuser is easy to operate, just add some of your favorite essential oil to the water, your room will be filled with pleasant smell.


The diffuser is great for cleansing the air in your home or office, humidifying the air in your room. It is also great for use in commercial spaces like spas, yoga room or massage therapy clinics.


For our products and packaging, they are can be customized with your brand name or logo, but it has a minimum order, you can contact for more details.


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