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Square Mannual OEM Airbrush Kit With Tube

69100 mode-cordless airbrush kit contains an airbrush and an electric compressor. This type is more convenient than traditional type, which is very big. With rubber cord and brush, you do not need to buy them separately. The compressor can be used with different types of airbrushes, different types of airbrushes can be chosen.
Product Details

Cordless Round Mannual OEM Airbrush Kit

Portable kit, you just need to buy one product, because it contains both compressor and airbrush.

Heavy fine mist: with max air pressure of 25-30PSI, the mist will come out heavily.

Mute operation: when it is opened, the compressor will not make much noise.

Easy operation: Just press the button to control the intensity of blowing power.

Features and Advantages of 69100

1.With sensor touch button to change air pressure, touch slightly each time to change pressure.

2. High power, with a tested long stable life.

3. Nail airbrush compressor with 5 adjustable gear, you can use it freely, this can satisfy all your different demands.

4. Minimum workking noise to have a better working environment.

5. Easy to use even if you have no experience at all.


Using Areas

This nail airbrush compressor is widely used for nail art, airbrush foundation makeup, airbrush cake decorating, airbrush hobby DIY painting, airbrush face painting etc.


After-sale Service: 

Airbrush installation step instructions, airbrush using and market videos support.

Products with one year warranty. Fast respond for after-sale inquiry.


1.This mini compact air compressor comes with a single-action airbrush and a mini screwdriver. The integrated structure can be
used directly even without an air hose.
A one-handed rechargeable airbrush and air pump can be placed in your backpack or pocket. Portable and sophisticated spray guns
can be used for tattoos, art painting, cake decorating, make-up, nail, handicrafts, models, etc.
2.Just like a mobile phone, after a single charge, it can be used anywhere, even without a power supply. Fully charged, can be
used for 30-50 minutes. With USB charging cable, you can use computer charging, charger charging, or power bank charging.
3.The portable air pump has been tested repeatedly, which not only optimizes the line, but also improves the service time of the
air pump. The hand-held air pump design is curved and ergonomically designed to increase hand-held comfort. Simple and practical
to operate + easy to use, after you have prepared the spray material, you can work by pressing the switch button easily.
4.In addition to the light and portable airbrush set, you can also get worry-free after-sales service. As well as if there are any
problems or missing items, please don't hesitate to contact us , we will try our best to solve this problem.No need to return to


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