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Custom Mist Aerograph Airbrush Compressor

Airbrush Compressor This product is used as a machine to blow strong wind, so as to transfer the liquid into mist. The blow intensity can be adjusted, from low to huge. Connect a rubber tube and the airbrush spray gun.
Product Details

Custom Mist Aerograph Airbrush Compressor

How to use 

1.  When plugged in, the “POWER” indicator light will be on, so the product is ready to work.

2.  Press the  button for 3s and the middle indicator light will come on show the Min speed. Press 3s again to turn it off.

3.  Press the  button for 1s to adjust the speed, the indicator light will up till to Max.

4.  Connect airbrush with working mini compressor, push the airbrush trigger, air come out, and loosen the airbrush trigger, mini compressor will stop supply air; then push trigger again, mini compressor supply air again.


Our Services

1,Possiblely providing a sample, but need to bear your own expenses.

2,Products and package can be custom-made.

3,In the customer's own commitment to freight, supporting products repair.

4,Damaged products can be maintained for free in the next order.

5,OEM order can be made.

6.Printing your LOGO free for MOQ200pcs.

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