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Airbrush Kit Spray Paint Gun Kit

Airbrush Kit Spray Paint Gun Kit

Spray & Color Media: Nail Art, Cosmetics Temporary Tattoos Signs, Backgrounds Models, RC's, Trains Hobbies, Crafts, Students Cake Decorating
Product Details


  • 1. Cup disassembly, easy to clean.

  • 2. Light in weight, easy to operate.

  • 3. The single action trigger controls colour well which allows changing the width of the line, the range of value and the opacity of paint without stopping.

  • 4. Micro Air Control Valve can control the air flow at the end of air brush in order to maximize control of paint output.

  • 5. The Gravity top-mounted colour cup gravity draws paint into the air brush. Less air pressure is required enabling slower hand movement and excellent control for fine detail Spray.


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