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Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit

Airbrush Cake Decorating Kit

Product Details

Airbrush BDA61001Mini Compressor BDA60000 

Feed Type: Gravity Nozzle 

Dia.: 0.2-0.6mm 

Body Length: 140mm 

Working Pressure: 15-50PSI 

Control: Push-Button Cup 

Capacity: 2CC 

Current: Less than 1000MA 

Max Air Pressure: 25PSI-30PSI 

Dimension:136 x 102 x 66mm 

Rubber Hose Length: 2M 

Weight: 0.70KG 

Power: 10W 

AC Adaptor: DC12V/2A


Sound: Quiet, Vibration Free 


Are you interested in learning the art of airbrushing or continue to build your skills in this area? You need an airbrush kit. These kits come with everything you need to get started. They all include the airbrush, which is a small tool that is powered by air. It sprays paint (or other material) out of the nozzle. This allows you to have great control over where it goes, and create some amazing textures. You can find airbrushing kits for cake decorating, applying makeup, crafts, and more.

How do airbrushes work?

Airbrushes use air to create pressure and push the liquid out through the nozzle. In order for your airbrush to work, you need to attach a supply of air. Typically this is done with a small compressor. However, some designs of airbrushes allow them to be used with canned air. However, this can get expensive since you would have to keep buying the canned air.

How do you clean an airbrush kit?

It’s important to properly clean your airbrush kit after each use. Otherwise the dried paint can clog the system and ruin it. Always read the manual that came with your kit to see if there are any specific directions. You want to clean the airbrush kit while the paint is still wet, or it will be much harder to clean. You will need to disassemble it to clean it. Take apart each piece, and carefully clean it. What you clean it with will depend on the paint or other material you used. If it is water based, you can use running water. If not, you will need to use specific cleaners to get everything off. Once your airbrush is dry, reassemble it so it’s ready to use again.

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