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Cordless Airbrush Compressor Features and Advantages:
Especially suitable for Airbrush makeup. You can take it away everywhere to show your perfect spirits and confidence in your party, gathering together and daily meeting.
1.Rechargeable cordless airbrush makeup compressor, much portable.
2.Max air pressure more than 20PSI, suitable to spray normal airbrush color.
3.Built-in 800mA battery, using time is longer and charging time is shorter.
4.With CE/EMC/FCC/ROHS/FDA certificate
Product Details


1. Compressor Size


2. Gross Weight

about 500g

3.Cup capacity

5ml and 20ml

4. Power Supply

Lithium Battery 7.4V 800mAh

5. Charge Time

about 2 Hours

6. Discharging Time

about 50 Minutes

7. Air Pressure

max 20PSI

Using Areas:

This cordless airbrush makeup is widely used for airbrush foundation makeup, airbrush facial skin acre such as essence/serum/lotion sprayer. It’s also widely used for airbrush cake decorating, air brush nail art, temporary tattoo, DIY painting etc.


Cordless Airbrush makeup spray is the most popular beauty technology today. It uses air pressure to spray makeup foundation on the face, shoulders, hands and other body parts without pulling the skin. It won’t block the pores and let skin breath. Only need 1/5 of the traditional makeup time, 1/10 of the amount, you can complete the makeup, blush, three-dimensional makeup, eyebrow, eyeliner and so on. It saves time and makeup foundation, much safe and hygiene.

Airbrush makeup is especially suitable for daily makeup, wedding makeup, office makeup, art makeup and so on. The airbrush makeup has the advantages of smoothness, exquisiteness, no color difference, no heavy feeling and so on. It has won good reputation in the market and won the trust of customers.

The cordless airbrush makeup kit can also spray a variety of skin care products, atomizing the skin care products into very fine particles and feeding them into the pores, avoiding the bacterial infection of the hand-washing type.





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