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Small Airbrush Compressor

Features and Advantages:
atomize purified water, serum, essence, facial toner, facial lotion etc. into nano level particle, it’s especially for skin care products, gently spray the liquid on your face, which is easy to go through pores into deep skin to absorb.
Product Details


Portable small airbrush compressor of ampoule

1. Mini Glass Capacity: 10ml

2. Built-in 18650, 7.4V, 2200mAh battery

3. Charge Time: 12 hours

4. Discharging Time: 2 hours

5. Air Flow: more than 5L/hour

6. Air Pressure Gear: 1 gear or 3 gears

7.Air Pressure: 0.12Mpa

Using Areas:

This small airbrush compressor is widely used for facial skin care. For example, to use with essence, toner, serum, lotion, ampoule etc.



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