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Model Airbrush Kit with Compressor

Features and Advantages:
High quality airbrush tool with easy to control: Airbrush is made of high quality copper material. Exquisite workmanship, easy to operate, just press the button on the gun, it will spray, release to stop to spray.
Fashionable black design. The overall sense give you a strong sense of science and technology, feel very comfortable, whether you are a beginner or skilled, are very applicable.
Stepless Adjustable pressure: This mini compressors with electronic pressure regulating mode, there is stepless pressure, you can adjust freely according to your usage.
Complete accessories: The airbrush Compressor set equipped with all of the airbrush accessories, remove the trouble to buy accessories. Easy to carry and store. With long durable and easy to connect hose. The rubber hose with 2meters, you can use it many times, in case the connector bad, you can cut the defective part and use continuously.
Product Details



white & black & silvery optional

Model airbrush pressure

max 25-30PSI, stepless Air Pressure

Model airbrush compressor output per min

9~ 15L/min

Air Hose Length


Model airbrush compressor Gears

rotary knob

Airbrush Feed Type


Control of airbrush gun

Single Action

Nozzle Diameter of airbrush.

0.2mm/0.3mm/0.4mm/0.5mm optional

Cup capacity



1.With elegant morden,patent right.

2.With airbrush holder at each side,can be extended to 3 more each side,meet the demands of professional user also too.

3.Motor with high power,long stable life test.

4.minimum noice for a better working environment.

5.Adjustable speed controlat 5levels,you can use it freely and easily at different requirements.Easy to use without professional ways.

What Is Airbrush Makeup?

 Airbrush makeup is makeup which is applied using an airbrush stylus and air compressor, similar to that used for applying spray tans but on a smaller scale. It is applied in the form of a very fine mist and therefore it is necessary for the product to be a lot thinner than normal foundations. However, despite being thinner, airbrush makeup provides fantastic coverage of imperfections, which can be built up from a sheer to full application, while still looking natural and letting the skin breathe. Airbrush makeup gives a professional but natural look.

Our compressor with some advantage as below:

1. The anti-slip and anti-vibration at the bottom of the mini compressor.

2. Different gear display on the panel of compressor surface.

3. Aerodynamic design with the compressor body.

4. Intelligent touch control the on and off, also adjust different gears.

5. Air outlets design is easy to storage.

6. Good pressure and spray enough far.


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