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Airbrush Paint Compressor

Easy to operate, portable light weight and easy to carry around.
Maintenance free, Oil-less and Quiet. The output fluid is constant and the pressure range from 0 to 25 psi.
Product Details


Features and advantages:

Excellent airbrush paint compressor for both professionally and personal use. Ideal for Airbrush Makeup, Temporary Tattoos, Nail art, Tanning, Cake decoration, crafts and hobbies.

The airbrush set is suitable for most of paint, Such as Water paint, Enamels,Watercolors,Acrylics Inks and Dyes, Lacquers.

Ideally Inside PCB and motor structure design, make sure the minimum noise and vibration free while working.

Easy to clean, add solvent to your airbrush's color cup and spray through the port in the cover, flushing the pigment from the brush and into the pot.



110V0/60Hz,0.6A Max


DC12V, 1.5A

Air Output Per Min


Maximum pressure

25PSI, 5 adjustable

Nozzle Diameter


Fluid Cup Capacity

7cc / 0.43cu in

Hose Length


Airbrush Material


Airbrush paint compressor is widely used on cloth, shoes, hats, bags, bicycles, motorcycle jeans airbrush etc. In 2019, we launched water color pen set BDA60100 which spray water color pens and you can change colors very conveniently, avoid complex airbrush cleaning!



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